mysql 설치 중 LinuxThreads 에러 발생할 때

(Fedora Core 4 이상의 배포판에서 mysql 소스컴파일 설치시 발생한다.)


- /usr/include/pthread.h 파일에 /* Linuxthreads */ 라인을 삽입해준다.

echo "/* Linuxthreads */" >> /usr/include/pthread.h



There are two workarounds which should enable 4.0 to build on a NPTL-only
1) Insert a misleading comment into the header file defining thread functions:
     echo '/* Linuxthreads */' >> /usr/include/pthread.h
  (The check just goes by searching that string.)

2) Explicitly give a threads library:
     ./configure --with-pthread --with-named-thread-lib=-lpthread ...
  (This takes precedence over the checks.)
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql --with-charset=euckr --with-pthread --with-named-thread-lib=-lpthread

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